Garment Steamer

Description: One of the many sicknesses that plague just-washed garments is the stubborn wrinkle. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, it is extremely hard to get the wrinkles out of certain fabrics or garments. With the Rowenta IS9100 Commercial Garment Steamer, this shouldn’t be a problem as it effectively takes out any stubborn wrinkle that may affect the appearance of your clothes once you put them on. The Rowenta IS9100 Commercial Garment Steamer is equipped with a host of neat features, including superior steam output with variable steam control. This amazing garment steamer is capable of heating up within 60 seconds, which makes it such a convenient tool to use for making sure those clothes are well-steamed and pressed. This product also possesses a telescopic pole that you can adjust and simply slide down for storage, as well as an integrated hanger and wand holder for ease of use and access.



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