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Description: There are several types of vacuum cleaners available. The good, you know the types before choosing the most appropriate vacuum cleaner: Upright Vacuum Cleaner: Can be used for a variety of surfaces, from wooden surfaces, marble floors to carpets. Powerful enough to clean it from dust, dirt or sticking animal hair. The shape is high so it makes it easier for you to clean a large house because you don't have to bend down. Barister Vacuum Cleaner: Same as Upright, this vacuum cleaner can also be used for various types of surfaces. The only difference is the size. Barister vacuum cleaners are generally smaller with more limited storage space. Because it is smaller, this type of vacuum cleaner is more compact to move around the room. Handheld Vacuum Cleaner: Portable vacuum cleaner that can be used anywhere, anytime. Although small, its performance is still beautiful. It is able to suck up dirt and dust that sticks to various surfaces. Usually, this vacuum cleaner uses battery power, so it doesn't need to be plugged into the plug. Robot Vacuum Cleaner: For those of you who are busy, this type of vacuum cleaner is perfect. You no longer need to bother walking around the house, holding the handle of the vacuum cleaner again. Just move it with the remote control, your house can be clean from dust and dirt. Price? Of course much more expensive than other types of vacuum cleaners.



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